Lyrics Resources
For Song Writers
  • Tutsplus
    Tutsplus offers 7 sets of lyrics resources for songwriters, like rhyming dictionaries, writing tools, tutorials and how tos.

  • Skdesigns
    Contains an extensive list of links to useful music resources on the Internet.

  • 🎼 SRN
    The mission of Songwriters Resource Network is to empower songwriters on all aspects of the songwriting process.

    A tips and tricks website with articles that help spur creativity in songwriting.

  • Road Song
    Find original song lyrics, free e-books, useful music related links.

  • Jai Jo Music
    Songwriter and songwriting coach, Jai Josefs helps to take your songwriting to a new level with a book of songwriting tips and workshops.

  • Pamela Phillips-O'land:
    Pamela Phillips-O'land offers two must-have books on songwriting by one of the industry's most versatile and successful lyricists.

  • Songwriters Resource Network
    Songwriters Resource Network sponsor the annual Great American Song Contest and contains online news and information resources for songwriters everywhere.

  • Write Hit Songs
    Write Hit Songs offers thousands of techniques in which the best in the industry use everyday.

  • Taxi Music
    A great collection of songwriting tips and techniques from many of the best songwriting teachers, song coaches, and hit songwriters
  • Top Ten
    Lyric Download APPs
    For Androids and iphones
  • MusicID

  • Genius

  • Lyrics Mania

  • Sound Hound

  • Shazam


  • QuickLyric

  • LyricsWikia

  • MiniLyrics

  • LyricsSeeker

  • Google Custom Lyrics Search - Displays Top 5 Results Only
    The Top 5 Lyric Finder Search Engines

    (1) Song Lyrics Search

    (2) Song Lyrics Search

    (3) Song Lyrics Search

    (4) Song Lyrics Search

    (5) Song Lyrics Search




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